Sunday, September 5, 2010

Montreal Die In

Photo and Narrative by photographer, Kreddible Trout. I think he has captured an interesting event here. He's a good, alert photographer.

montreal die in
© Kreddible Trout
Visiting my hometown of Montreal a while
back I happened upon this. A mass die-in.
Normally I get all the memos on protests in
my vicinity, but I haven't lived in MTL in a
decade so I'd no idea what I was about to
bump into. I had spent the day shooting
headshots for a good friend when I lucked
out on this. We zigged when we might have
zagged and I noticed a swarm of cyclists
appearing in all directions. My Troutie senses
started tingling... something was going on here.
Next thing I knew, they stopped and dismounted.
Right spot. Right time. Dozens of point and
shoots and phones started snapping where they
stood, I thought 'vantage point!' I was closer to
the front so I b-lined it. I think I made a good
choice.They were protesting the death of a cyclist
onMontreal street. Killed by a motorist It was incredible.
They shut down Rue Ste. Catherine.
in the late afternoon on a Saturday.

Closed the city for ten minutes.

It was beautiful.

I would say that it made a lot of Montreal
motorists unreasonably angry, but that
would mean the protesters really had no effect.

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